• Dr. Swati Mehta - Patient Experience Specialist, Highly Respected Physician, and Remote Patient Monitoring / Telehealth Expert Joins the Kencor Team
  • Kencor Health is now offering Integration & Professional Services for all Ecosystem products and services.
  • Keep your operations running while your employees, students, staff, and customers stay safe. Kencor COVID-19 Symptom Screening

The Kencor Health Ecosystem

The Ultra-Intelligent Health Ecosystem for Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Facilities

Kencor Health is not just a platform - it’s an Ecosystem. Why?

All aspects of our products work together - they are modular, constantly evolving, and exceeds the needs of our customers as the state of health changes around the world.

From 1-Click Telehealth to the next generation of Clinical Trials, the Kencor Ecosystem aims to help provide better care of all people who need it.

At the heart is

SAMi™ is our AI-bot that assists you anywhere, anytime.

SAMi™ connects patients to their care team using an encrypted messaging system, making outpatient treatment more engaging and accessible to all.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Kencor helps hospitals and medical professionals make the most of their time with patients by using AI capabilities. This makes the care process more efficient and more focused on delivering positive outcomes. Kencor Health SAMi™ digitally engages patients outside the traditional care settings. SAMi™ reminds patients to measure their vitals regularly, then transmits and stores them automatically to the Kencor platform. Patients and providers feel connected, enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time.


Kencor Health provides integrated RPM and Telehealth solutions that encourage adoption. With easy setup and ongoing support for patients and providers, the goal is to improve engagement between patients and providers and achieve better care outcomes.

Virtual Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are an integral part of medical science. Kencor is improving the efficiency of clinical trials through virtual experiences with the introduction of T3: Telehealth Trial Transformation, making it simple and easy for patients to participate at home.

SAMi™ for COVID-19

The Kencor COVID-19 App is optimized for actively screening and monitoring Coronavirus symptoms. Based on CDC guidelines, Kencor will walk you through daily questions to help you determine the likelihood of diagnosis.