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  • Keep your operations running while your employees, students, staff, and customers stay safe. Kencor COVID-19 Symptom Screening

COVID-19 Symptom Check and Monitoring

For Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Facilities

Kencor COVID-19 is an intelligent and dynamic remote health management system and platform, designed to keep you safe and cared for, from anywhere. With the number of cases in constant flux, everyone is in need of care and monitoring from Coronavirus to keep them safe and healthy. More than ever, our health is of vital importance and how we manage and monitor it matters most. At Kencor, we want to contribute our products and technologies to minimize the impact of this pandemic and make it as easy and comfortable as possible, specifically for those caring for patients in hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities.

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has changed how health care is delivered in the United States and has affected the operations of healthcare facilities. Effects may include increases in patients seeking care for respiratory illness that could be COVID-19, deferring and delaying non-COVID-19 care, disruptions in supply chains, fluctuations in facilities’ occupancy, absenteeism among staff because of illness or caregiving responsibilities, and increases in mental health concerns. Currently, no FDA-approved medications to treat COVID-19 or vaccines to prevent it are available.
Healthcare facilities need to provide care for all patients in the safest way possible for patients and healthcare personnel (HCP) and at the appropriate level, whether patients need home-based care, outpatient care, urgent care, emergency room care, inpatient care, or intensive care. This guidance outlines goals and strategies for U.S. healthcare facilities to operate effectively and safely during the COVID-19 pandemic and provides links to CDC guidance on providing care in different settings and situations. (Source: CDC)

How it works...

Kencor COVID-19 is a touch-less, automated, and fully engaged AI system that pre-screens all visitors - with or without appointments - prior to entry in your Hospital, Clinic, or Medical Facility.

A patient comes to a hospital, medical facility, or clinic with an appointment. Before arriving, each person downloads the Kencor COVID-19 app and fills in their information. Upon login/signup, a personalized and company-sponsored screen will be presented.

Each person completes the short symptom check and questionnaire regarding Coronavirus. All data is private and secure, and the app is HIPAA-compliant. All questions are based on CDC guidelines and recommendations to diagnose COVID-19.

As the questionnaire is completed, the person will be presented with a unique
QR Code. The color code determines COVID-19 status.

Kencor provides each healthcare facility with a personalized Dashboard where each person can be monitored, updated, and managed using multiple views, data sets, and graphs.

No appointment? Walk-ins are always welcome…

Successfully manage both patients with appointments, and those walking in. Kencor COVID-19 is setup for anyone and everyone. Patients without appointments can register and check-in quickly in a safe and secure manner without contact. Upon entry, the walk-in patient is presented with a kiosk where they enter basic information for registration. All data is private and the system is completely HIPAA-compliant.

As the hospital, clinic, or medical facility, you can view and manage patients. With the flip of a switch, all patient statuses and information are presented to you, along with pertinent and customizable analytics. A personalized QR Code / URL can make the screening process contactless and embeddable into your existing website and apps.

Download Kencor COVID-19 on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store