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Remote Patient Monitoring for Nephrology

Make treatments more cost-effective for both patients and providers with our remote monitoring services.

Why Remote Patient Monitoring for Nephrology?

While much of the medical community has adopted Telehealth into the way they practice medicine, Telehealth for Nephrology is just emerging. Telehealth in Nephrology care can make a tremendous difference when it comes to care coordination, remote monitoring, and follow-up around dialysis treatments.

Receive treatment for kidney disease easier, faster and more effective with Kencor SAMi™.

Enabling Active Patient Engagement
With the help of SAMi™, patients can take an active role in their recovery and use the Kencor platform to navigate concerns with their care team at any time. All communications are compiled and presented to the nephrologist alongside RPM data, which can be analyzed and modify the treatment plans as needed. This approach ensures continued active communication between the patient and physician, preventing the under-reporting of essential medical information, while also increasing patients’ confidence towards their care providers.

Continuous Monitoring Of Patient Status 
Patients can report new symptoms and upload relevant medical data via Kencor Health SAMi™ app. Kencor’s vital monitoring kit enables daily tracking of a patient's blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and body weight remotely. Nephrologists can then view an up-to-date report of the patient’s vitals and other patient-reported medical data, all in one place. 

Timely Interventions
With SAMi’s daily patient monitoring, any needed interventions or changes to treatment can be made early by the nephrologist, before the patient's condition deteriorates, minimizing the need for frequent readmissions. 

Reduce burden and cost 
Millions of patients are suffering because of out-of-pocket costs of CKD. RPM services reduce the costs of management by decreasing the frequency of hospitalizations, conserving the time of nephrologists, and reducing overall complication rates.

Providing Daily Patient Updates
All recorded medical data is stored, analyzed, and made accessible for the nephrologist through SAMi™'s dashboard. Medical data is presented to the care team using the triage color system, ranking and categorizing patients in priority sequence based on the urgency of their condition.

Benefits for the Patient

Stay connected with your providers from the comforts of your home.

Actively communicate with your care team
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) helps develop clear communication channels between the patient and care providers which leads to fewer complications and better care management no matter the stage of disease.

Receive continuous care at home
Patients with CKD typically visit their nephrologists every 1-3 months. In between visits, many patients suffer complications, from abnormal volume status to deteriorating kidney function, to uremic episodes, all of which can be life-threatening. These issues can be proactively addressed and recognized early through RPM and self reporting using Kencor's SAMi app. 

Making Chronic Care Less Time Consuming
Nephrology patients being treated in an outpatient setting need to attend frequent follow-ups for general status examination, simple vitals assessment, and treatment-response evaluation. With Kencor, all of these sessions can be done remotely from the comfort of the patient’s home, saving both patients and providers time, while still providing the same level of care as during an in-person visit.