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Kencor SAMi™ - Remote Care, Anywhere

Get support from your care team anywhere, anytime using Kencor SAMi™ and the Kencor Health Ecosystem.

SAMi™: Patient-Centered Remote Care

SAMi™ provides ongoing engagement for patients and healthcare providers.

Talk to your care team from anywhere

Receive automated reminders to track vitals and follow your care plan

Update your care team as your condition changes or evolves

Automatically share your vitals and symptoms in real-time with your care team

Receive automated reminders to take medications

Visualize your health and recovery with a clear, easy to follow dashboard

Know that your doctor is following along with your recovery

Give your doctor access to a clear picture of your overall health

What is Kencor Health SAMi™ and how does it work?

Kencor Health SAMi™ is an AI-enabled remote patient monitoring software platform and mobile app that connects patients to their care teams from anywhere. 

How to Get Started

Step 1: Enroll – Talk to your care provider about joining our RPM and Telehealth program. 

Step 2: Get your Devices Ready – Download our app and receive your monitoring devices. 

Step 3: Get connected to your care team – Set up vitals monitoring, lifestyle goals, and nutritional habits. 

Step 4: Start your new health routine – Track your vitals, monitor goals, and have everything stored in one place. 

Step 5: Stay healthy with the support of your healthcare provider.

Ask your doctor to integrate SAMi™ into your remote care plan