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Next-generation patient engagement

Patient engagement is at the heart of better care outcomes.

Participation is the first step to empowerment, collaboration, and self-advocacy. That’s why we focus on improving engagement through accessible communication with care teams. At Kencor, patients can communicate directly with their providers. Providers can also access and review vitals, test results, self-reported symptoms, and messages from patients.

Why is patient engagement so important?

When patients are actively engaged, treatment outcome improves significantly. Studies have shown that virtually engaged patients are three times more likely to have their medical needs met than non-engaged patients. Kencor’s SAMi™ bot is the bridge between patients and their healthcare providers, creating an efficient platform for facilitating optimum patient engagement.

Who is it for?

Physicians - Kencore Health


Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring

Hospitals &
Health Systems

Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring

Health Systems

Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring


Monitor vitals & current health condition (coming soon)

Why Choose Kencor Health?

Using the Kencor Health ecosystem, physicians can be there for patients with just one click. Kencor’s daily monitoring services and interactive SAMi™ bot makes patients feel more connected with their healthcare providers. This can foster a relationship built on trust and active participation, which leads to better patient outcomes. Kencor is:

Easily Accessible

Both patients and physicians can easily download and login to the Kencor Health platform. All health data collected through the platform is encrypted, but can be viewed by the patients or analyzed by the physicians anywhere and any time.


Patients can easily connect with their healthcare providers at any time. Kencor Health SAMi™ is designed to educate patients regarding their conditions whenever they have any questions or concerns. Any issues from patients are immediately relayed to clinicians via Kencor’s 24/7 platform.


All patient data is collected, stored, and presented in a well-organized, systematic, and easily accessible manner to healthcare providers. Patients can also view any changes in their health data and observe changes made to their treatment plan.


Kencor’s platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, minimizing user adoption challenges for both patients and providers. Even the most tech-averse users can navigate the platform with ease.