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Conduct clinical trials on the go

Make it simple and easy for patients to participate in clinical trials from home. Use Kencor’s Remote Patient Monitoring to make trials more efficient, cost-effective, and easier to recruit for.


Why Digitally Transform Clinical Trials?

Kencor Telehealth Trial Transformation (T3) is a unique telehealth platform specifically built for conducting virtual clinical trials. Kencor T3 has been designed with the goal to transform traditional clinical trials by:

Minimizing follow-up costs

The Kencor T3 platform has a built-in video encounter feature for follow-up with participants. Participants and clinical trial coordinators can interact on the platform at any time.

Collecting and monitoring data

Kencor T3’s patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and quality of life (QOL) assessments combined with patient-reported data allow for better synthesis of information. 

Improving participant retention

Kencor T3’s easy access virtual platform can reduce the loss of participants over follow-up visits. With Kencor Health SAMi™, participants can actively participate from their mobile devices through our messaging platform and receive trial instructions and clarification in real-time.


Kencor can provide customized survey assessment tools, which the trial supervisors can modify based on their unique needs. 

Providing efficient workflows for trial coordinators

Supervision and workflow of clinical trials are more efficient and convenient with Kencor T3’s telehealth trial platform. Clinical trial coordinators can observe and analyze patients’ vital signs, data, QoL, and PROs assessment data through Kencor T3 at any time. 

Current Methods

  • The current operations are costly, require in-person follow-up, and are challenged to engage study subjects for the long term
  • Patient reported outcomes collected during in-person study encounters
  • High costs for study subject retention (travel, remuneration)
  • Follow-up with trial coordinators on site
  • Vital sign and physiologic parameters that are infrequently collected
  • Do not employ digital methods for long terms study subject engagement

Kencor T3

Kencor's T3 are inexpensive with no in-person followup, and engaging is simple and easy

PROs, QoL assessments frequently assessed with app-based data collection

Survey assessments that can be customized per trial requirements

Telehealth - video - visits with trial coordinators performed at anytime for study subject convenience and to reduce trial costs

Digital health devices for patient-generated data on a daily basis and during symptom onset

Smart methods for study subject engagement

Modular design customized for clinical trials