• Dr. Swati Mehta - Patient Experience Specialist, Highly Respected Physician, and Remote Patient Monitoring / Telehealth Expert Joins the Kencor Team
  • Kencor Health is now offering Integration & Professional Services for all Ecosystem products and services.
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Hospital Quality Patient Engagement, At Home.

The Kencor Health Ecosystem connects you to a health management system wherever you are, using the most advanced RPM, RTM, and Telehealth technology.


The Kencor SAMi™ Bot represents the latest technology for integrated RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring), RTM (Remote Therapeutic Monitoring), and Telehealth. We keep your patients engaged in their treatment plan while keeping your team connected.

SAMi™ is the path to better personal health engagement

Elevate the experience of care while maintaining a personal connection through screening, monitoring, virtual visits, and remote clinical trials – all made possible with Kencor SAMi™.

Clear, high-quality, HD video and audio with the option to chat

1-click connection to your care team, physician, or medical professional

During a video call, you can add a family member or a translator

The interactive SAMi™ bot engages with patients to identify their needs, saving time and improving patient care.

Next-generation patient engagement

Kencor elevates the experience of care and builds more personal connections with patients. We create efficient pathways towards positive outcomes and the next-generation of patient engagement.

The Proof Is In The Data

Reduction of heart failure admissions by 40% after using SAMi in a case study of 35 patients at a local hospital. Over 87% of the patients stay engaged with SAMi over a long period of time, which is critical for chronic care management.

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Patient Engagement with SAMi


Total Vitals Collected


Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) on SAMi

The Kencor Health Ecosystem

The Kencor Health Ecosystem uses modular designs and agile principles to develop products and services capable of exceeding customer expectations and evolving as the global state of health changes. At it’s heart is the Kencor SAMi™ bot, capable of being leveraged towards various care solutions.

Kencor is on a mission to be fast and flexible, providing state-of-the-art RPM, RTM, Telehealth, and patient engagement solutions. We innovate at scale, working with leading health centres across the country to provide more personalize, more engaged, and more effective healthcare.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Kencor’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) solution is the best-in-class method for promoting care plan adherence and keeping track of how patients are doing, at home. The Kencor SAMi™ bot engages with patients, prompting them to check in, and collects medical and health data from individuals in one location, transmitting it securely and directly to health care providers in a different location for assessment. Integrating with bluetooth monitoring devices, SAMi™ is able to collect and transmit vital information, allowing physicians direct insight into their patients’ health.

Now specializing in Cardiology, Oncology & Nephrology

Kencor Health

Kencor Telehealth

Save time, cut costs, and improve patient-provider communication through our virtual health-care platform.

In early 2020 Health systems, independent practices, behavioral health providers, and others rapidly scaled telehealth offerings to fill the gap between need and cancelled in-person cases due to COVID-19. They were reporting 50-175x the number of telehealth visits pre-COVID.

Virtual Clinical Trials

Kencor is improving the efficiency of Clinical Trials through virtual experiences with the introduction of T3: Telehealth Trial Transformation, making it simple and easy for patients to participate at home.

Kencor Health Ecosystem Integration & Implementation Services

Kencor provides implementation, professional services, support, as well as advisory services for system optimization and improved operational performance. Our integration and professional services are focused on complete implementation of EHR / EMR, as well as the current modular offerings in our Health Ecosystem: Remote Patient Monitoring & Remote Therapeutic Monitoring, Telehealth, and Virtual Clinical Trials (T3).

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